Moving to Mexico

    Hi Guys,

I currently live and work in the UK & my partner and I are looking to move abroad to Mexico, we are worried job wise how we are going to find somewhere to work, for my partner it should be easy as he is a qualified Chef, but I have experience in different ares, 5+ years in hospitality including bar work, 2 years in admin support at a hospital, PA admin experience and general customer service work.

We are both turning 30 this year, no children, no mortgage - we are both workaholics working 2 jobs 12+ hours a day and we've both decided the UK isn't home for either of us. Any advice on where to start for a job search would be amazing, we are so ready to take this next step :)



Hello Hannah,

Welcome on board !

For a good start, please go through the articles of the Living in Mexico guide for expats. You will find articles about visa, work and so on.

On a side note, feel free to create your CV in the Jobs in Mexico section to give your search a boost.

All the best



Hi Hannah,

Getting a local job in Mexico will depend on your residency status and level of Spanish fluency. Even if you find a job serving primarily English-speaking customers, you will always need to speak Spanish. For this reason, English-speaking expats find most success obtaining online jobs (in your case, UK job sites) in which they can work remotely OR opening their own freelance business providing services to local English speakers (tourists, snowbirds, and expats). 

Some examples of freelance businesses include: photography, yoga instruction, therapy, catering, fishing / tour guide. 

I hope you find this information helpful.


Expat in San Miguel de Allende