Jobs related to a bachelor in security?

I plan on doing a bachelor in security management during my free time (whilst working a job) and moving to Japan when i graduate. I was curious what kind of jobs i could find there as a foreigner though, because i know that a lot of those type of jobs are exclusive to Japanese citizens. I hope someone can help me, or if i should just follow a bachelor in a different interest lol

It will focus on cyber & IT security, risk management, integrated security, crisis management and business continuity management, with the minors being either public order & safety which is focused on government related organizations, or organization and prevention (this is roughly translated), which is focused on subjects regarding the security of any non-government privately owned business, just to give you an idea of what the study is about.

My two goals doing a study are to have fun, and to move to Japan after graduating, and i'd just like to know if i could find any jobs as someone applying from overseas or if i should look for something else that interests me. Obviously, i'll also be studying the Japanese language in those three years.