Can I sell my 98 car in Guatemala

As a tourist coming from the US,can I or should I, sell my car in Guatemala. It's a 98 Towncar in great shape.

As far as I can see it is not a car in high demand... people by more pick up.. toyota
you might be better off selling it in the US...

What about the legal issues?

WHich ones ? .... if the car are in your name... you have the right to sale it...
If you want to have a car insurance during the time you sell it you can suscribe for one... car insurance is not mandatory here in Guatemala but highly recommended....

Will I, or the buyer have to pay a high duty, like 100%?

You can sell the car without paying the  importation taxes.. or the buyer... it depends what you agree on...

I have a 2008 Altima Nissan and Iam wondering if I should bring it to Guatemala and use it then sell it. Will I receive a higher price than selling it in the US? What are the prices like for vehicles in Guatemala. Is there a better type of car to be driving in Guatemala, like a truck or jeep or..Please advise.

From what I have seen in my research, if you love the car and want to keep it, bring it. You're not going to the ends of the earth lol Just figure out if you want to keep it, then keep it and bring it down -- container or drive it. If you don't want to bring it, then sell it before you come down to Guate and buy another vehicle here. I have found that you can buy whatever you like here -- I have seen Porsche, Mercedes, Range Rover, whatever you want.

I am moving down to Antigua in June, and we are driving our truck down there at this time -- however, should we win the lottery, I will dump the truck and charter a private jet :)

Are cars more expensive in Antigua than in the U.S?  Do I need to convert my car from the U.S.A.?

You can bring in any car you wish, but there are now new duties you must pay since the new government came into powere in January of 2012. The import taxes are higher, but once you pay them you can register the car and you have to pay once year like a car registration in the U.S. Used cars can be sold more expensive here than in the states.

Hi and welcome. No, you can not and should not. No one wants a V-8 Automatic here in Mountainous Guatemala. The laws have changed also. You can now only import automobiles, pickups and SUV's - 4x4 that are 10 years young, or newer, only! It has to be a 2004 model or newer. My advice, sell it there and come down by Bus or Fly. Safe travels! Dwight