Transfering land title guatemala

Hi im here in USA and i bought a property in Guatemala thru my friend , is it possible to tranfer the title to my name even i dont go to guatemala? If yes how ? Thanks

I don't think you can do it without coming in person. You have to present your ID and sign the documents.

@Romalyn Torres It shouldn't be a problem. You just need to grant a power of attorney to someone you trust here in Guatemala. That probably means needing to get it authenticated at the Guatemalan embassy in Gringolandia. If there is no embassy local to you it is probably less work, time and cost to just fly down, sign the papers and fly back. Note that property registry here is at the department level so if the property is in Sololá, for example, you will likely need to go to Sololá.

If it is in Guatemala City, I can point you at a lawyer who is very good at this and does email.