New members of the Canada forum, introduce yourselves here - 2023

Hi all,

Newbie on the Canada forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Canada if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

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Excuse me for disturbing you.

This is Spencer Nunda from DR Congo. I wanted to ask you for help dad, if you give me an opportunity to put me in the list among those who go to Canada, United States... I will be really grateful to you. I want to live in the rest of the world (Canada, U.S.A, and if you give me this chance, I will be so grateful to you. We live in a country where, we bare manage anyway but it does not always hold. And if you manage to help me, I hope that God will return it to you one day, in one way or another.

Please accept my deepest feelings.

Thank you.

Hello Spencer,

Welcome to!

Your questions are unfortunately not clear....

Could you kindly tell us how we can hep you?

Yoginee team


My Name is Bryan Beeharry from Mauritius. My family and I are planning to move to Montreal in april 2023.

We are a family of 5 (my wife and I and 3 children)

As it is a new venture for us with many uncertainties, I am hoping to get some help from this sites to know where is the best place to live for families, the choice of school or any advise that would help.

Really appreciate your help.



Hello Bryan,

Welcome to!

Thank you for introducing yourself1f609.svg

In case you have any questions, feel free to add a new discussion on the Canada forum. Members who are already in Canada will be able to guide you.

I also invite you to check the Living in Canada guide for expats which contains useful information to help you in your projects.

All the best,

Yoginee team

Hello, does anyone know if it's possible to get sponsorship with Amazon in London or Canada? Looking to move in April. I've been looking online and can't seem to find that answer.



Hello Ahw08,

I have responded to your comment : … 13#5579097



Hello Jean Philippe,

Welcome to!

Are you already in Canada?

Since you are new on forum, do not hesitate to tell us a bit more about yourself and your projects.


Yoginee team

Hi all,

My name is Alain, I'm French and living in south west of France.

With my BF, we have started to build our project to move to Montréal in 2024.

He is a nurse and I am a web editor.

We know Montreal well, we have already spent two months there.

We will keep you posted on the progress of the project!



Hello Alain QC,

Welcome to 1f601.svg

Thank you for the intro.

That would be very nice to hear from you as you are going to settle in Montreal soon.

Feel free to start a new thread on the Montreal forum to tell us how it is going so far.


Cheryl team


Hello, hope you are fine.

Here is Shafeeq Baryal from Pakistan. I am 44 years old man having master degree in business administration. I have been working in different organization of the Pakistan. I have been working in Cement Sector, Construction and Manufacturing industry.

I have been working as a Production Coordinator, Administrative Support, Operator and Supervisor.

I am looking for a suitable position in Canada for spend my remaining life.

Hello, everyone

My Name is Jeanne Claudine Niyotwagira from country of Rwanda. I am a mother of 2 kids firstborn is girl with 7 years the second one is a boy with 2years. My family and I are dreaming  to move to Canada and stay there and get some job in Canada that can help me to take my kids at school and buying them some food and also getting where to live my children and I .

As it can be a new venture for us with many uncertainties, I am hoping to get some help from this sites to know what to do and where to start so that I can get any job from Canada and also where is the best place to live for families and how to get the choice of school ofy kids , any advise from this forum can really be a great full  help for my kids and I so that we can start new journey in Canada.

I really appreciate your help.

Best regards


Hello Claudine,

Welcome to and thank you for sharing your project with us.

In which sector would you like to work?

Have you tried contacting some immigration agencies (well-known and reliable ones)? They will probably make your whole process of immigration a lot easier.

On another note, you can have a look at the Living in Canada guide for expats. This will definitely help you you plan your expatriation.

All the best,

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I am thankfully for welcoming, I am so happy for that,

As a new family in the Canada's country, I wish I can start with a caregiver jobs, so that I can finally be used to the country and I look for the other job after being used to the country.

Thank you so much.

Hai everyone, am happy to be on this global platform my name is Musana Yakut âges 21 a ugandan by nationality. Am the founder of the New Genesis Foundation Africa based in Jinja district but now struggling to get access to canada so that I can get a job and some sponsors to support the big group of the orphan children that we have in the organization. I have come this platform to get helped on how best I can Access canada and reach my dreams and vision seeking for any help from the members of this big global family. Thank you

Hi everyone.

I am Zasheer Ahmed from Karachi, Pakistan. I have done B.E Mechanical/Master in Engineering Management.

I have vast experience of around 10 years in the field of Maintenance in Manufacturing and servicing industry. I have also gained experience in the field of Facilities Management. Mostly, my experience is related to utility equipment.

I am currently working as Manager Mechanical/ HVAC in Dolmen group.

Hoping to connect with the right employer for any opportunity to switch to CANADA.


Zasheer Ahmed

Hello Zasheer,

Welcome to!

To increase your chances of finding a job, you should consider submitting your CV in the Jobs in Canada section.

All the best,

Yoginee team

Hi All,

I am newbie on

I am from Madagascar and planning to live in Canada.

I am an IT specialist (Networks and computer system) with 5 years of experience.

I am looking for any position in IT : IT  technician, IT Manager, System and network administrator.

Welcome on board Fetra.rafenomanana,

Should you have any question, feel free to open your own topic on the Canada forum.

All the best


@Bhavna Thanks

@Julien . Im from the Ivory Coast and I work here as an english teacher in a  public School.  I have Always dreamt of Moving to canada and continue with my teaching carreer.

I moved here recently too; As an internal auditor.

I have clients in Canada and New Zealand, have travelled to both countries. Canada often, as it is my backyard. lower than 30 miles away. Use to both cultures, and learning more on what works and doesn't in both. 1f60d.svg

@Julien hello I'm Belinda Lobesto just call me bella 34yrs.old college under graduate I have a experience as a here in PhilippinesI have 1kid I want to Canada for a work coz I want to help my family.

I am planning to go to Canada in a few months. Most probably Vancouver or Langley would be where I would live. I hope I get some info about those places!

Hello saberfa2002,

Welcome to 1f601.svg

I guess you have some topics that you would like to discuss with other members of this forum. Feel free to ask your questions.


Cheryl team

Hello, my name is Renatus Apolinary from United republic of Tanzania am bachelor holder in Logistics and transportation management, now am working in clearing and fowarding company here in Dar es salaam but one of my dream is to work in canada but i dont know where to start please who can assist me atleast procedures even if i can get job there in Canada it will be good

my name is Amara .John sama I' currently living in Liberia, monrovia,I' am an Electrician and I am also a Welder ,I do management of an Estate doing some maintenance of Electrical work and some welding work ,but I want to relocate to Canada/ U.S.A .if I can be giving a chance to work  in Canada /USA I will be grateful to God ,may God bless and help the hand that will come to my aid .

Dear @Julien,

Hopefully, all is well with you and you are doing great. This is Agumas Shibabaw from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which is found in the Horn of Africa. I have a BSc degree in midwifery and an MSc in human anatomy from an accredited government university with excellent results. I have over four years of relevant work experience as an educator and health worker. I am a young, energetic, committed, risk-taker, hard worker, and team player guy who is willing to work anywhere throughout the world, even under pressure. Currently, I am jobless and unemployed, and it is so hard to live without a job. I have a dream to live and work in Canada, so how can I get this golden chance?

Please tell me the easiest and freest way to enter Canada.

Dear all, please help me, the way of immigrate to Canada?  I have tried for one year by searching and looking for tricks of immigration but didn't succeed. I need your support.

Thank you so much for your .

Hello everyone and welcome on board !


Sorry but there's no easiest and freest way of moving to Canada.

Canada offers several immigration programs, if you match the requirements, you may be eligible for a visa : … anada.html

Please check your eligibility and calculate your score for the Express Entry.

All the best


I did that many times but not eligible

Hello form your southern neighbor.

I am joining this forum in hopes I can get direction regarding staying as a visitor for 6 months and then visiting another country for 6 months.

I want to stay out of the US, I prefer to move out of the US permanently, but there is no easly way.

@Julien Hello,

My name is Moses, I am an international student from Nigeria, living in Montreal.

I am new here. 😊

I am also looking for a job. Just one month old in Montreal. Really need a job, any job

@Yoginee Hello,

My name is Moses. I am an international student, living in Montreal. Pls I am looking for a job. Onsite or remote. Any job

Hello Moses,

Welcome on board !

Since you are already there, maybe try to look in local newspaper or ask in businesses around you.

You may also browse through the websites listed in the Working in Quebec article.

All the best


@Guest8873 Yes, Amazon does offer job sponsorships in Canada. In fact, they have been hiring more and more people in Canada in recent years. In 2022, they hired over 1,800 tech workers in Canada. Apparently, a good amount of the hires were international. You can check out their job postings on their website. You can also contact their HR department to inquire about job sponsorship.

Check their website and apply.

@Julien hello sir my name is onuabuchi lynda ibe,I'm a Nigerian, I was introduced to this website to get a relevant job but I don't really know how to go about it, if I can get a job in the state's or Canada I will appreciate sir

Good evening .

My name is Alain Moïse Betoko. I am a master's student in Biology and I live in Cameroon. Recently, I filed my files to integrate the University of Moncton; but the problem is in the choice of the framer. All those I solicit are already busy and currently I find myself without a supervisor, it is the only condition that I lack for my file to be studied, to find a supervisor.

I have a very good academic record; I was major of my promotion twice in a row in License 3 and in Master1. The project that I am looking to study cannot be carried out in my university due to the lack of material. My study focuses on neuropathy induced by Diabetes Mellitus. The goal for me will be to explain the origins, physiological explanations for each symptom of neuropathy based on clinical cases and to find a better therapeutic approach at each stage of the disease and according to the sick individuals.

I will be really grateful if anyone can help me or knows someone who can get me out of this situation.

Hello Emily Emi,

Welcome to Expat.com1f601.svg

Would you mind sharing additional information about yourself, including your current projects and whether you are currently located in Canada or not yet?

If not yet, where are you from?


Cheryl team

@Julien thank you so much sir, I'm a Zimbabwean based in south Africa i want to move to Canada. What steps must i take?