Inflation in Mexico in 2022

In the various media, inflation in Mexico is becoming increasingly important. This is becoming a concern for some, with fears of an impact on day-to-day budgeting.

Today, how does inflation in Mexico impact on daily life?

Which products and services have increased the most (insurance, shopping, petrol, electricity etc.)?

Have you had to review your budget? If so, what are your priorities?

What solutions have expatriates found to curb the impact of inflation? Did they use specific aids?

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Yes inflation is on the rise in Mexico just as it is in any other country in the world.  What I am noticing is the increase in cost of groceries and restaurants, this means that we are also paying our cleaners and gardeners more because of that.  As for what we have done to counteract that, we make sure that we stick with buying local produce and grocery items and do not eat out quite as much as we used to.

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Your feedback is very much appreciated ! Hope better days lie ahead


As every place else Mexico is no different. My electric has gone up a lot. also, small repairs to housing.

It is only natural that restaurants go up. I find the Mexican people of lower income are having the worst

time of it. Only way to help is to give what you can.


I actually posted on this before. The people here are resilient and flexible. Gas is the main issue and costs of some products have gone up. But they are adjusting.

@travellight Resilient and flexible, well yes and No. Resilient from a gringo's full belly point of view is "ni modo" to Mexicanos.  And flexible, please, they already have been at arroz, frijoles y maiz for centuries.

@Johnny Earl

Indeed.   Thanks for keeping us real. 

We have so much to learn from Mexican folks regarding resilience and optimism.

@sheehan10741 with the utmost respect to your comments, (1) Are you familiar with the Mexican expression of, "ni modo" (2) I do not think a Mexicano would consider their misfortune of "ni modo" as resiliency and optimism. In fact, they considered it a horrible--and forever-- situation of only being able to afford arroz, frijoles, and maiz, about which they can do absolutely nothing to improve there lot in live!  Why so you think Mexico is so "cheap: for us? It because of the Mexican economic structure.  You are, for the vast majority of the people either super rich or poor.  You may want to think about using other adjectives you assigned to the Mexican people in this thread.

So sorry.   I should of done a full translation before replying.   I missed those nuances completely. 

@sheehan10741 I'm glad there are people on this forum who have both, the inclination and intelligence, to do the further "research". Well done !