Rent a flat or a house in Moscow

Finding a place to live is a priority when settling in Moscow. Your experience will be of a great help for the members who want to settle in Moscow.

Therefore, we have prepared some questions for you:

Is it hard to find a flat or a house for rent in Moscow?

How to find a home in Moscow: classifieds, real estate portals, real estate agencies?

How much is the rental for a house, an apartment?

What are the formalities or the required documents for renting an accommodation?

Which advice would you give?

Thanks in advance for participating!

I am local real estate agent and renting apartments myself for quite long period. So I will be glad to share any info regarding apartments in Moscow, Russia.

1) It is hard to find cheap apartments or houses in Moscow. Moscow real estate marked is heated and remind me a bubble. Now in the end of 2011 owner inflate the market because of economy stagnation fears. If you don't speak Russian it is better find realtor who will hwlp you to find apartment ans whom you can direct questions regarding rented flat or issues with landlord.
2)To find apartments here you can use expats forums, classifieds and local agents who speak English or your language. Make sure you signed a contract and get signature of landlord for each amount you have paid. Also follow the contract rules to get your security deposit back.
3)Wile you searching apartments you will be asked for your age, your job name, for how many ppl will stay in the flat/house. Usually you will be requested to pay 3 monthly rent amounts: 1st month + security deposit amount+ agency commission (if you rent through agent). I recommend sign Contract with landlord and ask locals to check ownership documents to avoid loosing money. Also I recommend make a table on the paper saying date, amount, time period and owner signature - and after you pay to owner ask him to sign for received money. This will protect you from cheating and can be used to return your money in case problems with landlord.
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Moscow Russia could you give me information about your city, please

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