Rent Moscow

Rent prices in Moscow are they falling to normal levels at all?

Depends on what you can normal. For me they are "outrageous" and if they went down 20% they would still be pretty high.

I agree see

certainly they are rediculous  i dunno  people must be just as silly to pay the prices ( why do they do it? ) ah Moscow pretend land ! you can rent an old dump in the small cities for 1/3rd what you people get skun for in Moscow  ( why do people want to live in Moscow ?? )

Nothing special just overpriced to hell  like living in Sydney or New York etc etc  -- i lived 13 weeks Moscow in 2004 --- i hated every day of it, but i had to stay in the dump for contract work .
you had your hand out passing money 24 /7  they all on the ''bite ''/ scam / everythings got $$  attached to it  ! amazes me!!!  ok iam semi retired very well off man - i could easy buy very nice apartment in moscow cash   - but id never do it ! because then your one of them ''predator '' you know !

Big cities = crap  live in amongst the sirens  the cops the crime  the tarts -- everything wrapped in scam !that don't spell honesty =  no thanks  - what? people want to pay for deceit ? how really dead strange !
big cities are for slaves ( human zoo )

Russias  a great place to live  but in my book  the smaller the city  the quieter / the better---  live a lot damn safer  too !  glitzy city - its crap  false - smoke and mirrors  - at the end of the day its all crap cost you $$   for what  purpose?
To swim with the slime?  Moscow  if it was gone the smart ones living in bush cities would never miss it ! I met plenty of reality russians in small cities that told me they'd not give me 3 kopeks to live in Moscow  - its not the real Russia they said ! its pre - fab 1/2 westernised - if you took all that out of it  she'd be back to wooden wheeled cabbage carts within a week!

Take out all the jap and korean cars---  have a look what you are left with ?  not much huh --  a parade of lada's  not more ! but the lada's belong,  the rest are intruders !

The western ways of EXCESS its killing Russia, thats a fact !! Russias  adopting a demon that nobody there can afford ! - not for the long term eh!
you know where the westerners are that arrived to live in Russia  5 years back and they were Rich ----they are in the small cities!  and they still have the $$ !! they arrived with  -you know why!!  because big city didnt suck em in  - they live in small cities - they got more money that the local mayor with 5k in pocket  - rich man / small town - rich man he's got the power.

maybe i got it wrong, maybe the people on here go to Russia to work ?? whom would trade in AUD/ USD FOR RUB ( 30% OF OUR DOLLAR SO YOU BUST YOUR GUTS FOR 70% LESS A WAGE THAN YOU WOULD IN WESTERN COUNTRY  YOU'D HAVE TO BE MAD ))) ahh i dont need to work? i got enough $$ last me till iam 95  !so i go to live -- just sit back relax with a lovely, and do absolutely nothing !  thats the life !

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