Newly arrived in Moscow

Hello Everyone,

Hope you re doing well,

I m Sebastien of France. I just arrived from India where I used to work for a French company for 1 year. I have been transfered to Russia for 1 year and I cannot wait to settle properly in Moscow.

Currently I m looking for a flat and tips.
Indeed I do not know the city and its different areas. I m 27 yo and I m looking for a neighborhood with a lot of social and cultural activities, in the center or inside the "circular" metro.
So I would be glad to get some of your advises.

Some people told me about Belorusskaja, Novoslobodskaja and Mendeleevskaja. I m interested both in flat sharing or having my owm flat.

Thanks, see u soon


Hi Sebastien, have you tried to post an advert in the Flat Share section of Moscow classifieds? This may help.;)


Hi Sebastien, welcome to Moscow!
I work for a French company, too :)

Sorry though that I am no help with flat finding...
Just wanted to wish you all the best during your stay in Russia.

Hi, Sebastien,

You can find a flat on, although it's all in Russian. (If you need any help translating, I can help you out)

Belarusskaya is great if you take the Metro. Driving is near impossible in that area during rush hour..

Try Taganskaya, it's a perfect combination between the whole "Moscow center" experience and parks and living areas.

Hi Sebastian! Welcome to Moscow! If you need some advice or assistance, feel free to contact me! I like to have friends from all over the world!

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