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I'm Corey and I have been living the Cabo area for 2 years in October. Prior to moving to Mexico, I was fortunate to travel and live in different cities in the US. I'm very happy I made the move but it has been an adjustment. I still don't speak Spanish but I'm learning a little more each day. I have met some amazing people who are now life long friends. Both of my divorced parents are planning to move to the area in the next year (so looking forward to that1f606.svg) but I know they will have a better quality of life. If anyone is in the Cabo area or has questions please let me know.

Welcome to Mexico!


corey chandler,

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Thank you for sharing this with us.

How is life in Cabo so far?

Are you planning on taking some courses to learn Spanish? Or do you prefer things like language exchange?



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What are rents like for homes compared to PV?

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@ Araklea, welcome on board ! Since it is your 1st post, may I suggest that you introduce yourself ?

Till members revert, feel free to read the Accommodation in Mexico article, you will find some leads.



@Cheryl I have tried to take lessons the best way to learn for me is to just get out and interact with people. I actually understand more than I say and I lack the confidence to try. But I keep trying which is the main thing, its not perfect and it's a mix of Spanish and English, along with some interpretive hand gestures so I get by.

@corey chandler We would like to rent a place in Cabo for one to three months - it should have a heated pool (or one where the water is warm and good for swimming), 1 bedroom is OK but should have good internet and AC. and walking distance to stores, restaurants and beaches (a short taxi or bus ride is OK to for the beach). Can you connect us up with anything like that?

On a different note - is Cabo safe at night? or safe at all for expats / older people???

@mrpres why do adults suddenly turn into children when asking such questions like that.  Do some simply google searchers.

Hello i am in los cabos too...i got stucked here and it s not really my kind of place.i am Italian,45 yo and have two kids aged 15 and 19...looking to make new expat like minded people asap!

Greetings from laura