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Everything you need to know to work in Finland
Finding work in Finland
Working in Finland will be good for you: the country boasts good working conditions and a high level of employment security. But working in Finland will also be good for Finland itself, as it's most likely going to face a labour shortage in the future. Despite the recent economic ups and downs, particularly in the services and healthcare sectors, the need for more skilled hands is big.
Become a digital nomad in Finland
Vast regions of unspoilt nature, over 188,000 lakes, hip vibrant cities, and charming little towns — Finland has it all. Bordering Russia, Norway and Sweden, this small country manages to pack weeks of sightseeing into an incredibly compact form.
Working in Helsinki
The statistics don't lie. By looking at them, one can presume that in Finland, and in Helsinki, there will be an increasing demand for the workforce from abroad. The demographic forecasts show that the elderly population is growing rapidly vis-à-vis the younger generation. And not only that, the population is shrinking. The country needs more taxpayers and especially skilled labour force.
The labour market in Helsinki
The labour market in Helsinki can be described as unbalanced, a bit schizophrenic even. Simultaneously, there is an increasing number of vacancies available, but unemployment remains quite high especially among the newly arrived immigrants. For the past few years, Helsinki has been struggling in its efforts to integrate newcomers from abroad. However, applicants and jobs do not meet.
The work culture in Helsinki
If there is one thing you should know about the work environment in Helsinki (or indeed Finland), it must be this: do not talk about salaries or other income. At least not openly at coffee breaks. People asking about other peoples paychecks are considered rude. Those bragging about how much they make are seen as an embarrassment to themselves. When it comes to money, modesty is a virtue. The same applies to education and former career. Listing your universities, titles and positions earns you quickly a reputation for trying to be better than the rest.
Job candidates in Finland
Added on 03/04/2024
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