Updated 6 years ago

Your best life has just begun.. Mexico has a lot to offer potential retirees. Weather, culture, stability, safety, and low cost of living are big draws, but so is its proximity to the U.S and Canada for those who still want to stay close to family. From much of Mexico, going “home” could be as close as a day’s drive. But even for those who live further away, or who don’t have a car, or who don’t want the long drive, all major airlines fly directly to most North American cities from the big Mexican airports.

The list of resources for Mexican retirement is immense, and I will cover specific topics relating to moving, buying property, pensions, taxes, and others in future posts. But I wanted to focus today on one specific region of Mexico that I have found attractive as retirement destinations.

You have a couple of general options. First, expatriate communities have sprouted up all over Mexico….small areas with a high concentration of American, Canadian, and, to a lesser extent, European, expats who have gathered together in communities that resemble small American suburbs. If that works for you, there is a lot of online data available to you.  For many people it provides the familiarity they need to feel comfortable. These small communities offer all the amenities of home at a fraction of the cost. If this idea appeals to you, you HAVE to check out  Yucatan!

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