Doha, Qatar
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Qatar is an attractive destination for expatriates from around the world because of its tax-free salary packages that are highly competitive. However, Qatar’s economic growth means that jobs are in plentiful supply, depending on the industry.

During recent years, Doha has developed from a quiet coastal town dependent on fishing and pearl diving, into a major regional hub with increasing global influence. The significant investment in infrastructure for the 2022 world cup and the 2030 vision for Qatar has led to numerous opportunities. Qatar is a popular destination for engineers, teachers, finance, IT, and telecoms professionals in particular. Bilingualism in Arabic and English is a huge asset but not always essential.


Being Qatar's economic centre, Doha is a hub for most jobs, with possible exceptions for oil and gas engineers and those in construction.  Its economy is based on many sectors, namely oil, natural gas, fishing, as well as information and communication technology. Industries such as oil and gas can be highly volatile, depending on energy prices. Major employers in Qatar include Qatar Airways, Ooredoo, Qatar Gas and a number of major banks and insurance companies. There are also plenty of opportunities in higher education and schools.

Labour market

Due to the ratio of foreign workers in the country, the Qatari government is helping to support local Qataris to build their skills and fast-track them into senior management positions. This process is sometimes known as ‘Qatarisation’. This will have an impact on many industries in the country in the near future and different companies pursue the strategy to varying degrees of compliance. This has had an impact on the types of jobs available for foreigners and increased risks of redundancy.

Working hours

For office workers, the working week is from Sunday-Thursday. Friday and Saturday are considered the weekend days in Qatar. Working hours generally follow a 40-48 hour week and shifts of around 8 hours. Working times vary, government offices open from 6 am and schools from 7 or 7:30 am. Many security maintenance and labouring staff work for 6 days a week with a day off on Friday.

Find a job

There are different ways to find a job in Doha. You can start by viewing job offers on the Internet, especially on professional social networks. If you have local contacts, word-of-mouth can also be very helpful. Speculative CVs will be accepted by many employers here and often employment can be found after arriving in the country.

To have more chances of finding a job according to your profile, consider registering with a local recruitment agency.

Recruitment Agencies in Qatar:

Al Noof Recruitment Service

People Dynamics

Michael Page
Location: Office 2, Tornado Tower, Doha Qatar
Tel: 974 441 33500

Staff Source International
Tel: 974 4436 7470

CBS Butler
Tel: 974 4475 5472

Tel:   974 4437 0993

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