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Omsk, Russia's eighth largest city, is found over 2,700km from Moscow, the capital city. To date, its population amounts to some 1,160,500 inhabitants, including a large number of foreigners. They benefit from both branches of the Transsiberian transport network in order to allow the city keep at its fourth rank on the Russian economic ladder. Moreover, many big companies, such as Volvo and Gazprom Neft, which have chosen to set up their subsidiaries in Omsk rather than in other major Russian cities.

Omsk's economy

Industry remains Omsk's main economic pillar, having employed more than 20% of the local active population. These include petroleum refining, chemical and petrochemical production, etc.. In figures, Omsk provides:

  • 22.4% of Russian Phenol
  • 16.2% of Russian truck tires
  • 12.2% of Russian gas engines
  • 8.3% of Russian oil diesel fuel
  • 8.5% of Russian passenger car tires
  • 3.5% of Russia's rubber
  • 3.1% of Russian oil furnaces.

You will also find industrial machinery production companies (spacecraft and aircraft engines), energy measuring and medical equipment, as well as agricultural and railway equipment. The food industry also contributes to the city's economy; namely through meat, milk and dairy products, cereals, mineral water, beer, liquor and soda production.

Find a job in Omsk

Due to its economic diversity, Omsk attracted several important brands which have set up a subsidiary in the region, hence creating jobs. Among these: Lenta, Baucenter holiday, Castorama, Astor, Dixis Nash Magazine, Essence, Vash dom, Povorot, Pobeda, Eda, Novator, Producty 24 Nizkocen, Metro, M-Video, Cash & Carry, IKEA, OBI, Ashan, Holiday, Media Markt, etc..

You can try to send spontaneous applications to these companies during your job search. You may also check out job offers on the internet and in classified ads in local newspapers.

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