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Stretching over some 328km2 in the Saxony region, Dresden is one of Germany's bigger cities. Its population, nowadays, amounts to more than 553,000 inhabitants. Dresden has been attracting thousands of expats every year, not only for the numerous opportunities it provides, but also for its huge historical and cultural significance. The fact that many historic building like the famous Frauenkirche have been restored during the past 20 years turned Dresden into a popular tourist destination with various places of interest, among which the Elbe valley which had been listed as a World Heritage by the UNESCO.

Dresden has a long history as a royal residence and the capital of Saxony, and is known for its baroque and rococo city centre, most of which was destroyed during World War II. The city’s reputation as an artistic and cultural centre now derives from precious art collections, cultural institutions and historically significant monuments of different periods. Many famous buildings have been reconstructed, including the Zwinger, Semper Oper, Katholische Hofkirche and recently, the Frauenkirche.

Dresden offers a range of accommodation options for expats, whether you are just visiting or planning to settle there. You can therefore choose from studios, apartments, houses, etc..

Dresden's neighbourhoods

Dresden is divided into ten districts; namely Altstadt, Neustadt, Pieschen, Klotzche, Loshcwitz, Blasewitz, Leuben, Prohlis, Plauen and Cotta. These districts are in turn divided into several neighbourhoods. Among these: Innere Altstadt, Friedrichstadt Albertstadt Innere Neustadt, Wachwitz Gorbitz and many others. Each of these districts has its own characteristics in terms of environment, lifestyles, cultural and historical sites.

Altstadt, Innere Neustadt and Hellerau are popular tourist neighbourhoods because of their ancient architecture. The historic Altstadt has undergone a massive reconstruction and development program following World War II. You can still find castle ruins there, as well as theatres and a cathedral.
In the trendy pub area Weiße Gasse you’ll find numerous restaurants and hip bars. The Innenstadt (city centre) is also very popular for its huge boutiques and shopping malls, restaurants and movie theatres. Shopping and nightlife lovers will simply be delighted there.

Äussere Neustadt is one of Dresden's trendy and liveliest neighbourhoods and has plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes. The Gründerzeit buildings were less affected by the destruction in WW II and have been part of a flourishing alternative cultural area since during the time of the division of Germany.

Innere Neustadt, which has also undergone a redevelopment program, hosts many posh shops and restaurants, as well as modern and luxurious houses and apartments. It is mostly surrounded by the Elbe river. Loschwitz, Südvorstadt and Weisser are other popular neighbourhoods, with bars, cafes, as well as dormitories and university campuses for students.

Rent prices in Dresden

Rent prices in Dresden are more affordable than those in many German cities with an average rental price around €8.00 per square metre in early 2017.

Thus, you may rent a single-bedroom apartment from €480 for a single-bedroom apartment and about €1,200 for a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre. Similarly, you will need an average of €350 per month for a single-bedroom apartment and a three-bedroom apartment from €900 per month in the outskirts. The demand for housing and therefore rent prices are on the rise.

You can also find cheaper accommodation rooms or studio rentals in Dresden. Room or flat sharing, university dormitories and student residences are also quite popular.

Find accommodation in Dresden

The internet will undoubtedly be a helpful tool during your housing search in Dresden. Start by visiting general and specialised real estate websites and even classified ads in local newspapers, such as the Sächsiche Zeitung.

If you are already in the region, consider registering with a real estate agency for more chances to find accommodation that suits your criteria.

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