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Dresden is the capital of the Free State of Saxony. After Leipzig it is Saxony’s second largest city with 553,000 inhabitants. It is well known for its historical heritage and every year it attracts numerous visitors from across the world. In fact, Dresden also offers various career prospects for expats like most major German cities. If you wish to settle there, finding a job shouldn't be too difficult.

The old town centre, with its famous baroque buildings, is part of the Dresden Elbe Valley, which was listed as Unesco World Heritage Centre until 2009. The region offers various nature reserves such as the “Dresdner Heide”, the Elbe meadows or the “Sächsiche Schweiz” (Saxon Switzerland) national park near the Czech border. And in winter there are skiing opportunities nearby or across the border in the Czech Republic. Prague and Leipzig are not far either.

Dresden's economy

Dresden's economy is based on three main pillars, which are the semi-conductor industry, the pharmaceutical industry and electrical and mechanical engineering. However, many other sectors such as automotive manufacturing, high technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, microelectronic technology and tourism also contribute to its economic development and growth. Being the capital of Saxony, most of the region's government and medical research institutes are found in Dresden.

Dresden contributes to roughly one sixth of Saxony’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and is one of the economically strongest cities in east Germany.

Among the major companies operating in Dresden, you will find Volkswagen Sachsen, Globalfoundries Dresden Module, Infineon Technologies, Saxon Serumwerk Dresden, Noweda Pharma-Handels, Dresden Arzneimittelwerke, Siemens and Linde-KCA-Dresden, etc.. Most companies in Dresden are medium sized.

Moreover, Dresden is home to many universities such as the Dresden University of Technology, the University of Applied Sciences Dresden, the International University of Dresden and many other higher education and training institutions which welcome thousands of German and foreign students each year.

Dresden's labour market

Saxony's unemployment rate stood at 6,9% in late 2016, relating to some 147,000 people. However, the cities of Dresden and Leipzig offer more career prospects in the region. Services, trade, automotive manufacturing, information and communication technology are Dresden’s main recruiting fields.

Jobs are also available in the energy, health care, education, pharmaceutical and engineering fields.

Find a job in Dresden

As in most German cities, the Internet should be your main tool during your job search in Dresden. This will, above all, give you an idea of the criteria required by the local labour market. Make sure to translate your CV and cover letter into German and attach a photo. It is also recommended that you send spontaneous applications and use your local network. Alternatively, you can check out classified ads in local newspapers or register with a recruitment agency if you are already in town.

 Good to know:

Speaking German will definitely be an advantage and you shouldn't be put off by the strong local dialect, which may be tricky to understand at first.

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