Teaching in Dresden

My name is Marc Millis. In 2017 I spent 3-months in Dresden teaching a class at the Tech Univ of Dresden (TUD). I'll be back this year for more of the same (2 Apr - 27 Jun).

I have 2 questions for this group, the first of which I've probably already missed the time window. I was seeking advice on how to smartly look for housing. I have several places that the TUD welcome center suggested, but I figure it might help to ask an expat if there are any words of wisdom to make my search easier.  Is there anything unusual that I should be aware of, such as the right questions to ask prospective places (such as if 40 Euro a week cleaning fee is reasonable on short-term furnished apartments)?

The second question is if any of you will be in Dresden during my term, and if you'd like to meet ? Last time I was there, I had moments when I just wanted to talk in English to someone from my own culture.

Thank you for your time,


If the University is giving help to find a place then you are probably smart to take them up on it. I don't know about Dresden but in most middle to large German cities the housing market has gotten extremely tight - especially if you are a foreinger. 40 Euros a week cleaning fee does sound a bit expensive. I've never had someone to clean for me but would expect a good 3 hours for that price which seems more than a single person would need. And I have never heard of a requirement to hire a house cleaner!