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The city of Nha Trang has seen a rise in the development of various types of accommodation in recent years. Are you thinking of finding accommodation in the coastal city?

It is no surprise that Nha Trang, located in the province of Khanh Hoa in Vietnam, attracts more and more tourists and expatriates every year: pleasant weather and beautiful stretches of coastline are just some of this city's highlights.

When in the city it will not be difficult to find a place to stay. If you are only briefly visiting Nha Trang, it is more likely you'll want to stay in a hostel, hotel, resort, or holiday rental. For longer stays, houses, apartments, and villas are available for you to rent or purchase.

Why should I live here?

Located in the South-East of Vietnam, the city of Nha Trang offers what many could only dream of: a stretching shoreline with clear waters and an abundance of marine life, a scattering of nearby islets a quick boat ride away, as well as surrounding mountains and lush valleys. Additionally, there is no shortage of cultural and recreational activities that you could indulge in.

Local restaurants serve fresh seafood caught on the same day, as well as a variety of international cuisines. At sunset, the beaches see thousands of expats and tourists enjoying a sundowner at their favourite bar. If you enjoy the sun, sea, and all things summer whilst still living the city life, Nha Trang might be just the place for you.

Real estate market

Nha Trang's real estate market has been experiencing constant growth; so much so that it seems that the supply is greater than demand. Hotels and modern apartments and luxurious villas are being built all around the province since the price of land are relatively low compared to other Vietnamese cities.

Multistory residential buildings, consisting of 15-20 floors, have been built across several districts of Nha Trang, especially along the beachfront. The idea is to attract more tourists and expats who wish to purchase a property in the area. These buildings include facilities and services such as shopping centres, access to the transport, etc.

Good to know:

Venesia, one of the major urban neighbourhoods of Nha Trang, has many green spaces as well as a lighting system operating with wind and solar energy.

Find housing

You can easily find an apartment or a house to rent in Nha Trang; many of these being fully furnished and ready for occupation. You will need around 7 million VND per month for a single bedroom apartment and, depending on the size, around 12 million VND upwards per month for a house. Prices vary according to the number of rooms and level of comfort.

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