accommodation in Nha Trang

hello everyone, i have just joined and need lots of advice. i am planning on living in Nha Trang and need to know where to start. i have never been to Vietnam and have only read about it. i am looking for accomadation for 5 months. anyone know any property rental companies. i will be living alone and would need something secure. i have heard of a couple living in Nha Trang in a one bedroom apartment. price 350 dollars a month. what can i expect for that kind of money.

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Hi Brianna

I would like to know when will your staying in Nha Trang? It will be easy for you to rent a apartment about 300 USD/month with full equipment including: TV, Bedroom, Kitchen, Showroom with shower...

Wish you fun!

Hi brianna,

You should have a look at the Nha Trang classifieds > accommodation section and post an advert there as well.

It might help you in your search.

Thanx for info guys. Have a good day.;);)

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