Real Estate Agency or Agent

Does anyone know of a credible agency or agent to help me find a house in Nah Trang?

Many thanks.  Phil

They don't really have real estate agents, per se, only people who set themselves up as real estate agents, or travel agents or ... anything.

You should ask at a building you are interested in, it always brings out the Trolls. Who knows, many might pop up here.

Just make sure you get receipts for any and all money paid.

BTW, it's NHA Trang.

Hello Phil.

You can also take a look into the Nha Trang Business directory - Real estate section. It could help. :)

Thank you,

IT Bizz Consulting, 10 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street. 01-262446244

They are a consultancy for expats and offer real estate services (buying or renting) as well as legal documents for expats in NT. They are very good,, they made my residency card and found me my house as well as doing the negotiations and contracts with my landlord. I hope this helps


Phil, in Vietnam most Vietnamese are real estate "agents"!!!!???
I have been living here 7 years and have bought 3 properties. The arrangement is this...when you meet them they suddenly become an agent and when you have gone they try to arrange some kind of deal with friends of friends of friends. They may be a garbage collector but the day you meet them they are an agent.
From someone who has been living here over 7 years and married to a local I can tell you it's a rip off minefield.
Anyway my wife is a licensed real estate agent and she can show you her legitimate certification. She's honest as well and won't rip you off!
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I thought that foreign nationals could not own real estate (house, land) in Vietnam...

maximus0760 :

I thought that foreign nationals could not own real estate (house, land) in Vietnam...

Getting User Certificate is, in most cases little different from owning land as far as occupation as use is concerned.

Unless you know the circumstances, married to VNese, owned by VNese company, etc. you don't what the circumstances are except the citizens own the land and the government leases it back to them. Foreigners can own buildings.

as Retire says, it does seem like "most Vietnamese are real estate agents". Crazy as the "tell-a-friend" system sounds, it actually works reasonably well for the Vietnamese. It does not work so well for foreigners... as you tend to get guided to the friend rather than to the property (with not enough different friends to give a complete picture). 

There are however actual (traditional or western style) agents and there are a few foreigners who act as agents (with actual lists of property, and prearranged relationships with owners). Usually these people work in Conjunction with Vietnamese partners to attempt to get the best of both worlds. You can find some by Googling something like "apartments in Nha Trang" ... or ask me offline (e.g. PM) and I will point you to some.

not sure what you are looking for... I worked with Greg with they are sort of new to the business, but they helped us, and they are nice.

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