Applying for a Taiwanese Drivers License

Updated 2014-02-11 11:12

If you already have a US drivers license and wish to drive in Taiwan this process is not complicated. You can obtain an international driving permit at AAA in the US then bring this permit to the DMV in Taiwan. Once the local authorities have your information you can begin driving by using this permit. 

However, you can also use your US drivers license to apply for a Taiwanese license.

First, you need to get your US drivers license notarized at the American Institute in Taiwan.

Second you have to present the US passport that you were using when you had applied for your current US drivers license. This is so the Taiwanese authorities know that you were overseas when you had applied for your US license.

Third, you need to take four photos, two for your eye exam and two for your driver's license.

Fourth, you have to go to an hospital in Taiwan to get an eye exam. Remember to state to the optometrist that you need this exam to apply for a driver's license. The medical form that needs to be filled out can be picked up at the DMV.

Once you have all of this information bring everything to the local DMV along with your ARC and submit your application.

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