Korean Subways

Updated 2011-05-26 13:27

Hi all,

If you're ever about to embark on a trip to Korea and spend some time in the cities, then it's highly likely you will use the subway at some point. Not all the cities have a subway but they do have other forms of public transport at your disposal. I live in Ulsan and there is no subway, however there is a very good network of buses that run consistently and like all other transport in Korea, very cheap to use. Furthermore if this is not your thing then the taxi network is exceptional and also cheap. The taxis themselves are in superb condition and very comfortable. The meter usually starts at 2,200 won, most short trips tend to fall under 10,000 won. You can go a long way on that. I come from New Zealand and that's equivalent to about 2-4km, here its a lot lot more!

What can I say except that it's fast, efficient, clean and on time! Most of all it's very cheap. Costs about 1500 won for almost any travel on the subway. You can go a long way with many stops at this price point. You even get cell phone coverage on the subway here. Korea is a cell phone country, everybody has one and this is how people pass the time til arriving at their destination.

Buying a ticket at the vending machine is a cinch once you learn how. All the machines have an english option and you just follow a step by step process and then out pops the ticket and away you go. The only difficult part of navigating the subway system is navigating the huge selection of available exits when you arrive at your chosen destination. Is a small price given you can go almost anywhere in a city. Have used the subway in other cities in the world and this is as good as, if not better than most.

Other than that, good luck and happy travels.

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