2 Great Folding Bicycles for Sale

SAAB Folding Bicycle
is navy and would come with a locker that we bought for this bicycle plus two lights that we also bought for this bike.
This one is for sale for 50 000 Won, we barely used the bicycle and looks almost new.

2nd one is:

Spazzo Folding Alton Sport bicycle
This creamy / beige bicycle is still in great shape but just has a little dent in the front fender.
It comes with an extra red light and the price now is only 30 000 Won

please do not hesitate to ask me for more info or for sending the picture to you.
You welcome to come and have a look as well in Bundang-Gu, because we can not deliver the bicycle.

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Please feel free to post an advert in the Bikes in South Korea section, this might surely help. :)



thanks, I think I already did! :D but I'm gonna double check

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