Travelling to the Maldives with your kids

Updated 2018-12-13 08:49

Living, working or just vacationing in the Maldives can be an amazing experience. With stunning nature all around you, warm climate and a new culture to explore, a stay on the islands is both relaxing and enriching. However, if you are travelling with family and, especially, small children, it is best to do some research before your trip to make sure your potential destination has all the amenities for a safe and convenient stay with children. In this article, find out about child care in the Maldives.

Child care on the islands

If you will be staying on one of the resort islands in the Maldives, whether for work or pleasure, it is best to first enquire with the chosen facilities about child care services available. Note that some resorts have age requirements for their guests while others (for instance, honeymoon resorts) may not allow guests with children at all.

With that said, most resorts in the country are very child-friendly and provide all the necessary facilities for a relaxing stay with a child.

While some resorts may feature specialised child care services, most opt for the so-called kids' clubs ' entertainment facilities for children under 12 where they can stay all day long taking part in a variety of activities. Older children can always find how to be occupied on the islands with courses in kayaking, snorkelling and intro diving courses.

When it comes to health care, however, staying on an island may not be the most convenient option. While every resort would have an in-house medical professional and there are also smaller clinics on bigger islands, any serious health problem would require transportation to the capital city of Male.

Another thing to keep in mind is that baby supplies are typically not available on the islands. Thus, it is recommended to bring some with you and, if you are staying in the country for long-term, expect to make frequent trips to Male for supplies.

Childcare in Male

If you are staying in the capital city, you will have a better infrastructure at your disposal. The city has several daycare centres and kindergartens as well as international schools for all ages. You will, thus, have no problem finding a proper establishment for keeping your child busy throughout the day.

Male also has two of the country's main hospitals: the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital and the ADK Hospital. The ADK private hospital is typically preferred by the expat population thanks to faster service ' but whichever hospital you choose, you are sure to have access to quality health care.

Health and safety

The Maldives is, generally, a very safe place to be with kids. However, there are a few things to watch out for, to be on the safe side.

First, it's better to bring lots of sunblocks ' UV rays in the Maldives tend to be on the high side through most of the year and with most of the kids' activities focused outside, sun protection is essential.

Mosquito spray is also something you will need to have on hand. With dengue fever outbreaks being a potential danger, it is a good idea to have your house equipped with mosquito nets and apply mosquito-repellent in the evenings.

Expats, and especially those travelling with children, are also advised to purchase private medical insurance in advance ' while free health care can be an option in the Maldives ' it is best to have full coverage in case of emergencies and if you need a transfer to another country.

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