Healthcare in the Maldives

Updated 2020-07-28 11:22

Whether you are travelling to the Maldives for a short or long term, staying healthy and having access to quality medical care will surely be on the list of your priorities. Wondering about health care quality and cost in the Maldives? Learn about the countrys hospitals, social security and insurance in this article.


There are two large hospitals in the Maldives: Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, which is a state hospital, and ADK Private Hospital, both located in Male. Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital is the country's main hospital offering general and speciality health care services including major surgeries and advanced diagnostics. While the hospital offers high-quality medical care, waiting lists to see a specialist are often quite long. This is why most expats prefer to opt for private health care services.

ADK Private Hospital also provides a full range of health care services but is more expensive than the public hospital offering more amenities and faster processing. With prices for most procedures ranging from high to very high, it is generally recommended that expats get health care insurance to cover the entire length of your stay.

While most resort islands will have an in-house medical professional or nurse and there are smaller clinics and medical centres on some islands, you will need still need to travel to a bigger hospital for any major condition. Sometimes this may require transportation to nearby Sri Lanka or India ' thus, make sure that your medical insurance includes emergency evacuation.

Public health care

All citizens of the Maldives are entitled to annual medical coverage in the amount of US$6,500 sponsored by the government. The same applies to foreigners working legally in the country ' your employer will need to pay an upfront fee to apply for medical coverage for their expat staff.

The coverage includes emergency hospitalisation and treatments, emergency evacuation, inpatient and outpatient services, prescribed medication, diagnostics as well as treatment abroad in special cases (this option, however, is reserved for those earning a high salary in the country).

Good to know:

While you will be entitled to free health care if you are employed in the Maldives, it is strongly advised that expatriates purchase private health care insurance including emergency evacuation services. In case of a serious health issue, transfers to a hospital in another country or even back home may be required.

Private health insurance in the Maldives

Alternatively, there are many insurance companies to choose from, according to your needs and budget. Some of the leading global health insurance providers are:

Consider having a look at their offers according to your needs and get a free quote on's Health Insurance for expatriates in the Maldives page.


The Maldives are, in general, a very safe place. And you don't need to take any special precautions prior to your travels. However, due to the country's subtropical climate and humidity, outbreaks of diseases like the dengue fever and Chikungunya (transmitted by mosquitoes) are quite common. Thus, make sure to have mosquito nets and sprays handy in your home.

It is also recommended to only drink bottled water to avoid bacterial infections and thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before consumption.

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