How to find a job in maldives.

Updated 2015-06-23 11:37

I am a serial expat and have been working as expat in different countries and societies. lets talk straight about Maldives. Maldives is a uni-cultural small country, 45% of this country population is consist of foreign workers & professional expats. it means this country has tendency to accommodate the foreign talent.

Keeping the above statement in mind as generally many expats think maldives is very easy as no visa required for any nationality and try to come here for the sake of job search, sometimes it work, but some times it doesn't.

So what's the best way to find the job in Maldives, the best way that i personally followed as well first get a good introduction of the country and the job market, then try to focus on your specialities and then hit in the right slot of the job. if your CV has something that is unique you will definitely get an answer soon, so be precise and to the point.

For your all perusal the best site that help peoples here for job search are as under:

The key factor to secure your job in Maldives beside your powerful Resume is how well you can present yourself during the vocal communication on phone with your employer and what set of skills you posses beside your education, most importantly is the Languages. Maldives is a tourism based country where tourist comes from different regions and definitely the locals cant speak and understand all the languages while some countries tourist also cant speak English. therefore, to fill this gap particularly in tourism sector mostly the employers choose or prefer the employees who can speak 2 or 3 internationally recognised languages. if you have this skill you have 50% additional chance to get the job.

Maldives is a country where contacts / references are of great value as compared to the talent, so always try to make good contacts with some potential local peoples or already settled foreigners. if you have a friend (or try to find on who is working at some good position his / her direct reference in your favour can give you an additional mark of 30% success ratio as compare to other candidates.

Always keep in mind that salaries are generally low in maldidives as compare to other countries, so do not expect high salaries even you worth it because the job market is quite small and competition is too tough so if you negotiate may be there is some one who is ready to accept the low offer as well, so always unless you dont have experience of maldives do not negotiate for your first job (it doesnt mean that you go below your requirement but be logical because in maldives you are a newbie)

Never try to come in maldives and then look for the job, always try to secure your job before you arrive here because the working permit / immigration is quite complicated and time consuming stuff, interestingly the department is named DIE (Department of Immigration & Emigration) so beware to DIE guys.

Last but not the least, if you think that you are quite social or looking for nightlife or a party freak or an activity guy / gal, being honest maldive is not for you. i see here many peoples come gets home sick, as there is nothing much to do, very limited night life and social activities. if you can live with yourself and can be friend with your ownself then you will love maldives.

In the last, i must say that maldives is a beautiful country, vibrant nature, peaceful and quite. once you gets settled here you will never want to go back.

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