Braces in Maldives

Hello everyone,
My name is Sandra. I'm planning on moving to Maldives, Male' in 10 months.
The problem is, I have braces on and I will have them for at least one year more. Does any of the dental clinics in Male' have orthodontists? I will have to visit one once a month so if there are please could you tell me what the cost for adjusting is if you know? I can't find any information online.
I know I can go to India or Sri Lanka but it would be easier if there was one in Male'.
Thanks for help.

Hi! Can you kindly let me know what happened to your situation?
I’m from sri Lanka. I was supposed to get braces this month But had to postpone since I’ll be starting a job in Maldives from next month. I desperately need dental braces.

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