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I'm an Italian Scuba Instructor and I've been offered a job in Maldives.
I read about the Medical Health Screening Report, expatriate workers applying for a work permit are required to undergo.
This medical screening process includes "selected communicable diseases":
does someone know which diseases are included?
On the Work Visa application form (form IM 25) it's written:
"Medical health screening report of the employee issued from a hospital/clinic authorized by the relevant government authority" but I also read somewhere on the web that it might be possible to get "a valid medical report from a recognized clinic either in the Maldives or overseas", do you know it this is true and in case, where to find the list of recognized overseas clinics?

Thank so much for your help :-)


I am working in Maldives and medical report is required for standard tests and physical examination by a registered medical practitioner/clinic who can do tests and give you a medical report saying "fit for overseas employment". The tests are standard tests e.g. blood test for HIV, Hepatitis and other infectious diseases, urine test, chest X-ray and a physical body examination. You can call the clinics in your place where you live and ask them if they can do these tests and provide you a medical report which says "Fit for overseas employment" country of employment: Maldives

Hope this answers your question,

Thank you so much WaseemHK :-)

Do you maybe know which kind of Hepatitis are tested? I ask this because I have some antibodies in my body (but no virus) and I'm afraid that it might cause me problems with the test..I'm trying to find it out now, before coming to Maldives and fail the test :-(
I am so happy about this job and I really don't want to miss this opportunity.
Regarding the "Fit for overseas employment" (for Maldives) I just need to find a clinic in italy and if they can provide this medical report, I won't need to repeat test in Maldives, is that right? Just checking if I understood correctly :-)

Thanks for your answer

I can tell you about my case, I got medical done in my country and submitted the medical report with other required documents and completed immigration form for visa approval before I arrived here. Once your visa is approved/approval is issued from Maldives Immigration, your employer will send you a copy of the visa form with immigration approval stamp and signature. You book your flight after that and arrive in Maldives, where someone from your employer should be waiting for you. It is important that you get phone number of that person who will come to receive you at the airport because even if you have copy of your visa approval from immigration, they still stop you and ask you to wait, while they call your employer. So keep that in mind. Once in Maldives, as you start working for your employer, they will arrange for another medical at a hospital in Maldives. I think blood test is for HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C and chest X-rays for tuberculosis/cancer, I am not so sure what specific diseases they want to screen out. Anyways, don't worry and unless you have been very sick in the past and very often, your medical should be OK.

Thanks so much :-)
Your answer has been very helpfull!! Thanks a lot also for the suggestions about arriving at the airport!! I'm going to keep that in mind!
Thanks again

Hello, is it possible to get a work permit for a person having lung scars (due to past tuberculosis) currently having no transmittable illness? Please reply, I need it urgently. Thank you in advance.

Can be done here once you arrive or within 15 days.

Hi Im just curious if you were able to apply for work visa in Maldives. We have the same situation. I had TB when I was in College. Appreciate your kind reply. THANKS

X ray is a routine check to confirm will need to do sputum. And more tests. To rule out TB.

I too have been offered a job at an airline in maldives.
And i found out that i have to do a medical for my work visa.
My concern is with the urine test and whether they check for cannabinoids (THC).
It would be great if anyone could shed some light on this matter

Let me check and get back to you on that

Yes please. Thank you

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