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If you are only relocating to Malaysia for a short time, it may be worth considering putting your furniture in storage and renting fully furnished accommodation when in Malaysia. If you are staying for a long period of time, you may wish to simply buy your furniture when in Malaysia, as prices for locally-made furniture tend to be much cheaper than in Western countries, and you can even shop online.

However, bear in mind that certain electronics, such as fridges, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and microwaves, can be quite expensive in Malaysia.

If you wish to bring your belongings with you, which is especially worth doing if your relocation costs are included in your employment package, then it's important to carefully choose the removal company that you are entrusting with all of your worldly goods. It's also worth contacting your nearest Malaysian embassy or consulate to find out more information about relocation to the country, customs regulations and prohibited items.

Do your research on the internet, join an expat community forum, or ask your future employer for recommendations on companies that other expatriates have used. Then set up an appointment with a few relocation consultants for a quote and go with the company that you trust to best meets your needs.

Costs and timing

There are numerous relocation companies worldwide that offer good services and competitive prices. Allied Pickfords Movers, Santa Fe, Royal Relocations and BW Worldwide Movers all have relatively good reputations in Malaysia. For peace of mind, it's advisable to choose a carrier that is affiliated with the FIDI Global Alliance, as this is a network of global mobility specialists that complies with internationally recognised standards.

Relocation costs vary depending on the transporter and the starting destination. To get a good estimate from a relocation company, you will need to provide detailed information regarding the address at which removers will pack and load your belongings, the destination address if you have one, and the volume or weight of your shipment. You should also make a list of all the objects that are fragile or require special care, and be clear about what you are willing to do yourself and what you wish to be done for you. Different variables may affect the overall cost.

Carriers generally handle customs paperwork for you, and some relocation companies, such as Entourage Relocation Services, can even advise on certain administrative work or procedures to help you settle in Malaysia.

From Europe, it can take as little as three weeks for furniture to arrive in Port Klang. Some relocation companies provide an online overseas removal tracking system, so that you can check the status of your possessions at any time from anywhere.

It's worth asking the relocation company whether they have storage facilities available in Malaysia, in the event that you don't find accommodation as quickly as you may wish. Temporary air-conditioned storage for two months before delivery to your new abode costs around RM1,000, and can be a good option to give you a bit more time to find a property.

International Removals Insurance

Risks to household shipments can never be completely eliminated, no matter how great the care taken. It is, therefore, important for your household goods to be comprehensively covered for all risks. International Removals Insurance should be offered by the removal company, and this insurance will cover non-predictable damage associated with the transportation of your possessions, up to the value declared by you on a per-item basis on the International Transit Insurance form.

An accurate, detailed inventory is very important as only the items you declare and value will be insured.

Read the terms and conditions of your contract carefully to ensure you understand how any precious objects will be treated, and your entitlements if the service doesn't meet your standards.

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