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Utsunomiya is both the largest and capital city of the Tochigi prefecture and thus is a great place for those looking for work. It is located in the centre of the prefecture, which in turn is in the Kanto region on Honshu Island, and it has a population of around 500,000 people. The city has its fair share of tourism and is known across Japan as the Gyoza (Chinese dumpling) City with many travelling there just to try its delicious gyoza.

Utsunomiya's economy

As it is the prefecture’s capital, Utsunomiya is Tochigi’s commercial and industrial centre. In fact the city has its own large industrial area (Kiyohara industrial park) which houses many businesses and manufacturing companies. The city also hosts many shopping malls and complexes and is home to one of the largest malls in the Northern Kanto region; the Bell Mall.

Besides malls and industrial companies, tourism and education also contribute well to Utsunomiya’s economy, and it is in these areas that many of the city’s expatriates are hired in.


The main job opportunities for foreign nationals are in the education and tourism sectors. Utsunomiya hosts a number of educational institutions, with many mostly looking for teachers who can teach English, other foreign languages and foreign cultural studies. The city has a number of higher education institutes where those who are qualified can apply to work as a University lecturer or College tutor. Besides universities and colleges there are many elementary, junior high, high schools, kindergartens, preschools and English language schools hiring expatriates too.

Utsunomiya also has a great tourist industry thanks to its reputation as the gyoza city. The city hosts over 2000 gyoza restaurants and many other restaurants, bars, and food establishments too. Aside from gyoza, the city is known for its beautiful scenery and rich history, resulting in frequent visitors to the city. Since there are also foreign visitors, this means that city must supply services that cater to them too and sometimes foreign nationals are hired to do so.

If you would like to work in a different industry or for one of the companies located in Utsunomiya, it is possible if you meet the necessary requirements. The requirements are often as follows; you must possess either specialised or advanced skills, be highly qualified, have a high level of Japanese and some previous experience related to the role.

Finding a job in Utsunomiya

Finding a job in Utsunomiya is not easy but not too difficult either. You can use online job sites or look through online classifieds. You can also look at classified ads in newspapers such as the Japan Times. If you need assistance with your search you can sign up with a recruitment agency that can match your profile with an appropriate position.

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