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Saitama is located in the Kanto region on Honshu Island and is fairly close to greater Tokyo. Due to its location a significant amount of the population commute to work in Tokyo, rather than working locally. The city has a population of over 1 million and is the capital of the Saitama prefecture. In fact the city is actually a fusion of four ancient cities Urawa, Omiya, Yono and Iwatsuki, and so has plenty of history, something that attracts many foreigners.

The job market in Saitama does not really cater to foreigners and the supply of jobs is small. To find work in Saitama, you must either be highly qualified or have skills which stand out from others as the job market is very competitive. So if you want to work in Saitama here is an overview of the city's job market.

Saitama's economy

Saitama city is one of the well known business areas within the Kanto region, with a particular focus on commercial business. The city is filled with many office buildings, skyscrapers, shopping centres and is home to some big companies too. Industries that contribute well to the economy are those of trade, automotives, manufacturing, service and export.

There are also some foreign companies in Saitama in industries such as translation/interpretation and manufacturing.


The main sector of employment for expatriates in Saitama is education. The city hosts many educational institutions including elementary, junior high, high schools, kindergartens, international schools and universities. In these institutions many foreign nationals are hired to teach or act as a cultural ambassador and there are often some requirements/qualifications necessary. There are also foreign language schools or tutoring opportunities in the city.

As previously mentioned there are also some foreign translation/interpretation companies based in Saitama and these companies offer great opportunities for foreign nationals. This field of work does require specific qualifications, including a high level of Japanese, and previous experience is also essential.

It can also be possible to find other work in the city if you have the necessary skills and experience. One particular skill that can help you to find work outside of the education sector is a strong command in the Japanese language and good knowledge of Japanese customs. This can help you to find work in a Japanese company or business.

Finding a job in Saitama

The best way to find a job in Saitama is through a recruitment agency, this way it saves you a lot of wasted time and energy as it can often take a while to find job opportunities. It may also be good to search for dispatch companies who offer work nationwide (there are a fair few English teaching dispatch company jobs) where you are then able to request the area you want to work in. Of course you may still search for jobs online and in classified ads but be aware that this may not be the most fruitful way to obtain a job in Saitama.

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