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Managing your expectations before moving to a new city with an all-new culture can be a big help. Considering what will change and how it will impact your life is an important part of the expatriation process. Here we present a few bits of information that will make moving to New Delhi a joyful ride for you.

Arrival in New Delhi

If you are flying in, your first stop in the city will be the Indira Gandhi International Airport. From here you will have several options like cabs, auto-rickshaws and city metro to head towards your destination. At first glance, New Delhi will seem like an insanely vibrant city with lots of people, stray animals and traffic all around. Once you settle into these crazy vibes, you will soon find a strange beauty in this madness- a city which has its own unique rhythm. Welcome to New Delhi.

The climate in New Delhi

New Delhi has a continental climate where extreme variations in summer and winter temperatures are observed. So you must be ready for both. The city has long summers- from April to mid-October. Winter begins in late October and peaks in January. Temperatures vary anywhere from 1 °C to 46 °C between these seasons. Most of the rainfall is received in the monsoon months of July and August.

Population and pollution in New Delhi

There is no denying that New Delhi is a densely populated city. Though this has led to a fast-growing economy and lots of opportunities, it has also been a source of many problems. One has to face long queues at many public places like government offices and hospitals. An inevitable consequence of this population has been the growing pollution. With an increasing number of people, the cars and vehicles on the streets have increased. This has made New Delhi one of the most polluted cities in the world. Thus keeping a face mask handy while heading out in traffic is a good idea.

Social life in New Delhi

New Delhi is a city of people, and most of your needs will be resolved by talking to your new friends. A sense of community is very common in the city, and most people will be willing to help you out when in need. There are many group activities and meetups that you can attend to develop a good social circle.

The food here is delicious, and the entire city is filled with infinite cuisines to try. There are many great pubs and restaurants offering a rich nightlife experience. The grocery prices are pretty affordable as well if you’re cooking yourself.

Safety in New Delhi

New Delhi is a crowded city and is home to all kinds of people from different backgrounds. So one must keep a few safety concerns in mind to avoid unsafe scenarios. If you are a single woman, then travelling alone late at night isn’t the best option. Try taking public transport like Delhi Metro if you are ever in such a situation. Cabs like Uber and Ola have increased their security in recent times, and you can share the cab details with your friends before starting a ride. Also, take enough precautions like locking your apartment before leaving. In crowded areas like busy markets, be aware of your wallet and cellphone to avoid pickpocketing.

While New Delhi has its downsides, do keep in mind that it is also a very vibrant city with its own rich history and culture and lots of exciting experiences. Managing your expectations before moving will mentally prepare you for an exciting new adventure.

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