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Settling down in New Delhi, especially if you have never been to India before, can initially cause many culture shocks. It can be quite hard to adapt to an entirely new way of life. But knowledge about the local culture and a few adjustment tips will help you ease into the city and truly enjoy everything that New Delhi has to offer. 

Socialising in New Delhi

If you are an English speaker, communicating with others would not pose too many problems. Most of the well-educated Indians can speak fluent English or at least understand it well. The other dominant language is Hindi which is spoken by a good portion of the masses in New Delhi. People here are generally friendly to outsiders and will try their best to assist you in any problem. Joining a group activity class or different meetup groups are good ways to mix up with the local crowd and to grow your social circle.

Close ties with neighbours in New Delhi

A sense of community is prevalent in India. For most Indians, close ties with their family and neighbours is an integral part of life. It is thus very common for neighbours to regularly greet each other and even offer special food. That being said, if you come from a culture bend towards individualism, you might find New Delhi a bit intimidating at first. The key is to slowly embrace this culture and start having short conversations with your neighbours. These conversations might develop into a fruitful relationship as time goes on. But whenever you feel someone stepping too much on your boundaries, it is also important that you politely refuse and move on.

Food delight in New Delhi

Food is a big part of New Delhi’s local culture. Some of the best delicacies are sold on the street stalls where a large number of people flock every day for a quick bite. Aloo tikki and golgappas are a must-try, as well as chole bhature and pav bhaji. Haldiram’s restaurant is a local favourite for a variety of Indian cuisines. Also, Mughlai food in Old Delhi is very famous and must be tried at least once.

Get involved

New Delhi is a vibrant city that offers a variety of experiences. The key is to get involved. Many fairs and festivals for different interests take place throughout the year. For example, if you are a comics and art fan, Delhi Comic Con is an annual happening that is worth a visit. By participating in different events and activities, you not only make new friends but also learn much more about the local culture. The city also offers many group activities like a local slum tour or a bicycle city tour that will give you a large glimpse of New Delhi and its local people.

Initially, you are bound to encounter some culture shocks when you move into a new city. But slowly with time as you adapt and embrace the local culture, the city vibes of New Delhi will take over your heart and leave you with a lifetime of memories worth cherishing.

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