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New Delhi is officially the national capital of India. One of the most progressive cities with a positive growth rate, Delhi has been attracting foreign professionals, investors and several leading international and multinational companies over the years. Being the country’s federal capital, the city hosts important institutions like the parliament, the Supreme Court, as well as other government authorities.

Delhi is the hub of industrial and commercial activities, offering plenty of employment opportunities in different sectors. There are good chances for professionals to find a job in New Delhi with some of the larger companies. Make sure you enquire about the labour market requirements before your proceed with your job search.

New Delhi's economy

New Delhi is the second wealthiest city of the country after Mumbai with a total wealth of $450 billion. After a brief slow-down, New Delhi's economy has taken off once again. The nominal GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product) of the NCT of Delhi for 2016-17 was estimated at ₹6,224 billion (US$97 billion), which is 13% higher than in 2015–16. The government expects further improvement in the overall growth rate in the coming years with the active participation of all vital sectors including receipt of foreign capital by Indian companies.

The city is known for its dynamic and diversified economy which includes fields like information and communication technology, finance, trade, telecommunications, tourism, hospitality and catering, media and healthcare. Connaught Place in Delhi is one of the country's biggest trade and financial centers. Moreover, several international and national companies have also set up their headquarters in New Delhi in order to benefit from its qualified and skilled human resources. Delhi is also credited with having the one of the fastest growing retail industries.

Labour market in New Delhi

Innhabitants of Delhi often elect to work in the public sector, which continues to be the main job provider in the city. There are other private sectors that have also been generating ample of job opportunities. There are numerous national, international and multinational companies that hire potential candidates based on their talent and qualification. If you are a qualified and skilled foreigner, you are likely to be hired in the fields of information and communication technology, telecommunications, finance and health care as well.

It is important to know that although there is no restriction whatsoever on Indian or foreign companies regarding the recruitment of foreign professionals, you are required to possess an employment visa to be allowed to work in New Delhi, as is the case across India.

Find a job

Start your job search by checking out various available channels like internet, classifieds in newspapers, networking etc. Make sure you update your resume and emphasise your qualifications, skills and expertise. If you have friends or contacts on the spot, word-of-mouth can also help.

You can also get yourself registered with a recruitment agency to increase your chances of finding a job that matches your profile.

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