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As a port and industrial city, Sfax is rather open to foreign professionals. Find out, in this article, how to find a job in this Tunisian city.

Located between the Sahel and Southern Tunisia, Sfax is above all a business, tourist, port and industrial city. It is thus deemed to be one of the country's major economic centers thanks to its strategic position.

Like Tunis, Sfax has also been attracting many foreign professionals for many years. So if you are planning to settle and work there, finding a job should not be a difficult task provided you know where to start from.


Besides industry, port activities and tourism, agriculture and fisheries also make a significant contribution to the city's economy. Note that Sfax is famous for its olive oil and almond oil exports. Fisheries, for their part, involve not less than 8 ports stretching over a 235 km coastline.

As regards tourism, Sfax hosts many hotels which not only welcomes thousands of visitors but also create jobs.

Finally, services include trade and transport (road, railway, maritime and air), among many others. Indeed, the city has a rather developed and dynamic tertiary sector.

Port activities

Sfax hosts one of the country's oldest ports. It is deemed to be the second Tunisian port in terms of market and economic importance. Note that the export of marine salt, olive oil, processed phosphates and many other products is carried out at the port of Sfax.

 Good to know:

In 2006, 2,290,102 tons of products were exported from the port of Sfax while 2,282,645 tons were imported.

Promising fields

As mentioned above, the local economy is mainly driven by agriculture, breeding, fisheries, energy, exports and trade. However, you are also likely to be hired in other fields such as culture, health care, teaching, etc.

Indeed, the city hosts 26 public libraries, 2 university hospitals, 3 regional hospitals, 3 local hospitals, 10 private polyclinics, as well as the University of Sfax, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management, among others.

In all cases, remember that Tunisian employers are more likely to hired locals. So if you are looking for a job there, you should rather be an expert in a particular field. With some 80 000 new graduates every years, competition is fierce on the local labor market.

Find a job

There are various ways to look for a job in Sfax as in the rest of the country and word of mouth is one of them. Feel free to spread the word among your friends, family on contacts on the spot so that they can put you in touch with employers. Consider giving them a copy of your resume as well.

Otherwise, networking, thanks to several online platforms such as Expat.com, Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc, will also greatly help.

You can also make a list of local companies which might require a candidate with your profile and either contact them by phone or send them spontaneous job applications my mail. Good luck!

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