Entry Visa in Cameroon

Updated 2009-08-17 13:28

In order to enter Cameroon, one needs to get a visa (except for citizens of some West African countries).  This is not a country where you can purchase the visa at the border (like in many East African countries, for instance.) The visa can be obtained at the nearest Cameroon embassy within 2 days, using priority mail service. It is required to have a letter of invitation.  Such letter can be obtained either by (a) a friend who drafts a letter and has it spamped by the local authorities, (b) a company where your friend or relative works or (c) by booking a hotel and having the reservation on hand.  I have heard of instances where someone was booking online and cancelling the reservation the same day, after having printed out the reservation. Cameroonians authorities won't verify the validity of the reservation.

The yellow fever international vaccination certificate is required both for the visa and for entry in the country. There is a counter at the airport where one has to show the certificate. In the absence of such certificate, you can bribe the agent for a few thousands of CFA.

A consular letter of your bank stating how much money you have is also required for obtaining the visa. NOTE: a bank monthly statement is not enough. It has to be signed by your bank.

It costs around 150$ for a 6-month visa, if I remember well. But you can also get a 3-month visa for half the price.

Of course, you need 2 photographs and the form filled. You also need a confirmed retrun ticket in order to apply for your visa.

To exit the country, it costs 10,000 CFA in airport taxes. If you do not have a valid visa, then it costs 50,000 CFA.

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