News highlights of the week: Several medicines withdrawn from the Mauritian market

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Published on 2023-08-25 at 07:30 by Lila Chaleon*
Several medicines have been withdrawn from the Mauritian market this week. Mauritius has been officially invited to participate in the G77+China Summit to be held in Havana, Cuba, on September 14 and 15. On the other hand, the police have produced a worrying report on the situation on Mauritian roads.

Certain medicines withdrawn from the Mauritian market

The health authorities have decided to withdraw all medicines containing pholcodine from the market. This decision was announced in a press release by the Ministry of Health on Monday, August 21. The decision was taken based on recommendations made by the Pharmacy Council of Mauritius, in accordance with the advice of the Pharmacovigilance Committee of Mauritius. The withdrawal is due to the increased risk of sudden, severe and potentially fatal allergic reactions during surgery.

It is important to note that pholcodine has not been available on the French market since September 2022. This opium-derived compound is also found in some cough syrups.

Medicines such as Pholtex adult, Pholtex family, Pholtex junior, Biocalyptol and sugar-free Biocalyptol will also be withdrawn from the local market, according to a pharmacist in the Wilhems High Plains region.

Mauritius invited to G77 summit in Cuba

Cuba's special envoy to Mauritius, Yoisy Ford Garcia, has officially invited Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth to attend the G77+China Summit to be held in Havana on September 14 and 15. Under the theme "Current Development Challenges: the Role of Science, Technology and Innovation", this international event is generating great anticipation in diplomatic circles.

During his visit, Garcia also held fruitful discussions with Foreign Minister Alan Ganoo, exploring various avenues for bilateral cooperation. These discussions covered various areas of mutual interest, including tourism, trade, investment, health, culture, technical training, sports, youth and community development. A highlight of the discussion was Mauritius' request for Cuban technical assistance in developing the International Museum of Slavery, an important project for the island.

Mauritius and Cuba, two nations active in international fora, are working together within the Alliance of Small Island States to address global challenges and defend the special interests of Small Island Developing States (SIDS). The Mauritian Foreign Minister also warmly thanked Cuba for supporting the United Nations General Assembly resolutions on the Chagos Archipelago. This action aims to strengthen the decolonization process and guarantee Mauritius' sovereignty over this archipelago, which is crucial for its future.

Deadly road accidents at a worrying high

According to the latest police figures, Mauritius has been marked by a significant increase in fatal accidents in 2023, with 99 recorded in seven and a half months. This compares to 61 deaths in 58 road accidents recorded for 2022, a 94% rise.

In a recent traffic enforcement operation conducted from Wednesday, August 9 to Tuesday, August 15, police issued a total of 4,947 tickets for various traffic offenses. As many as 31,855 vehicles were controlled, resulting in 2,937 offenders receiving fixed penalty fines.

Among the violations recorded, 558 drivers were fined for speeding, 42 tested positive for alcohol, and 107 were fined for illegal parking.

The current situation is a cause of concern for road safety experts, who stress the need for more rigorous measures to improve safety on the island's roads.