News of the week in Mauritius: New fuel increase

Expat news
  • Chandra Ramsurrun /
Published on 2022-05-20 at 12:13
Petrol rises to Rs 74.10 and diesel to Rs 54.55. Also in the news: The price of medicine will go down in June.

Increase in fuel prices

This is the fourth increase since December 2021. The price of gasoline, which was then Rs 50.70 per liter, rose to Rs 74.10 per liter in the last increase on May 18. As for diesel, it was Rs 37.30 in December and increased to Rs 54.55 on Wednesday, May 18. Several sectors will be affected by this rise and discussions for protests are underway.

Drug prices lowered

Drug prices will fall by 30 to 40% by June 2022. A technical committee bringing together representatives of the Ministry of Health, Pharmacy Board, the Mauritius Revenue Authority and the Economic Development Board is studying the issue.