News at a glance: sanitary measures extended until March

Expat news
Published on 2022-01-14 at 10:55
The authorities have decided to extend the sanitary measures put in place last year until March. Also in the news, a 41% drop in the number of tourists in 2021.

Sanitary measures extended until March

The health measures put in place in November 2021 will be extended until at least the end of March. The announcement was made by the government this week.

The main measures:

  • Gatherings, weddings and funerals: To be kept to a maximum of 50 people 
  • Places of worship: Can only hold a maximum 10 people 
  • Beach: Picnics are prohibited 
  • Restaurants, food courts and fast foods: accessible to vaccinated people only, 2 meters between tables 
  • Clubs / pubs remain closed 
  • Public gardens and open fitness trail are open

In addition, school is still being carried out online. However, since the start of this week, teachers, unions and other education stakeholders have been calling for schools to reopen for face-to-face lessons.

Tourism: target of 350,000 tourists not reached

179,780. This is the number of tourists having set foot on Mauritian soil in 2021. This represents a 41% drop as compared to 2020, where 308,980 tourists were welcomed. The government's target of attracting 350,000 tourists by 2021 has therefore not been met.

The highest number of holidaymakers visiting Mauritius was recorded during the month of November, namely 65,922. In December, 49,964 tourists came to Mauritius, while in October, 54,434 tourists set foot on Mauritius.

Covid-19: 20% of the population received the booster dose

Vaccination centers across the island have been stormed since Monday. Indeed, with the government's decision to make public places accessible only to those who received the three doses of the vaccine on January 15, many people flocked to the centers. Thus, as of yesterday, 238,122 people received the booster dose, representing nearly 20% of the population.

956,090 people received at least the first dose and 917,147 received two doses of the vaccine. In addition, since March 2021, 24,498 people have been infected and 22,558 have been cured.