News for the week of September 13 at a glance

Expat news
Published on 2021-09-16 at 14:17 by Liza Bonne
This week on the island: Preparing for the opening of the borders, more than 5000 expats are currently working in Mauritius, FATF visit to Mauritius and more.

Borders reopening, the country is preparing

The 80% vaccination rate has been reached in Mauritius and the authorities are set on reopening the borders on the 1st of October without quarantine. The deadline for tourism industry workers to be vaccinated has been extended to the end of September. However, this week the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has ranked Mauritius amongst high risk countries together with Afghanistan, Belize, Grenada, Lituania and Slovenia amongst others. This ranking has the operators from the tourism sector worried and the government responded with a press communiqué explaining that Mauritius has the highest vaccination rates of the whole African continent.

5591 expats are currently in Mauritius

5591 expats are currently in Mauritius according to an article released by the Defi Media Group this week. The numbers were provided by the Economic Development Board (EDB). Of the 5591 expats who are currently in Mauritius, 4210 are professionals, 936 are investors and 445 are entrepreneurs. The numbers also reveal that expats are paid between Rs 60,000 and Rs 4 million a month. Most expats are French (973), Indian (909) and South African (584).

The FATF in Mauritius right now

The Financial Action Task Force is in Mauritius right now and has met several important stakeholders of the Mauritian financial centre. On Tuesday, they met the Gambling Regulations Authority and the Independent Commission Against Corruption.