Seven popular Mauritian artists to discover during the lockdown

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    Dmitry Chulov /
Published on 2021-04-09 at 10:00 by Veedushi
If the lockdown has got you bored, we've got the perfect idea for you. Have you tried listening to Mauritian music? We have compiled some of the most popular artists to keep you busy for a whole week. 

Orizinal Blakkayo

We recently told you about him in the article “Blakkayo, singer, activist and back with a new album”. Jean Clario Gâteaux, known as Blakkayo, recently released his brand new album “Soz serye”. This album is a collection of 22 titles with the collaboration of several local artists, like The Prophecy, Jason Heera, and Laura Beg. But it also has a global touch. “Soz serye” comes eleven years after "Love N Respect" which is still alive in the minds of his fans. His songs are a reflection of everyday life in Mauritius, including the social ills. His songs aim at promoting Mauritian values and encouraging change.


You have perhaps heard of seggae, a mix of Mauritian sega and reggae inspired by the famous Bob Marley. Kaya, the founder of seggae, passed away on February 21, 1999. But his songs and his meaningful lyrics still resonate in Mauritian homes. Joseph Réginald Topize is also the founder of Racinetatane in Roche-Bois. Kaya's songs have influenced many Mauritian artists over the years. Some even paid tribute to him through their songs, such as Otentikk Street Brothers (OSB) with the track “Respect pou Kaya”. "Seggae nu la mizik", "Seggae Man", "Racine pé brilé", and "Simé la limiere" are Kaya's most popular songs.


If you had the opportunity to attend a wedding or other social or family event in Mauritius, you might have heard the Mauritian sega and even danced to its tunes. Cassiya is a famous band whose songs are played on almost every occasion. “Jouni Jouna”, “Marlène”, “Ctyombo li” are just a few of their best songs. Cassiya was founded in Cassis in 1992 by Désiré François and Alain Lafleur. Alain Ramanisum, Gérard Louis, Eddy Armel, Jallil Auckbaraullee and Dominique Isidore joined in later. Cassiya has split since then but has left sweet memories in the minds of Mauritians. Cassiya has even performed in Reunion Island, France and Australia.

Alain Ramanisum

Alain Ramanisum pursued a solo career after leaving Cassiya. Today, he thrives not only in Mauritius and in Reunion Island but also in Europe, where he performs regularly. Alain Ramanisum aims at promoting the Mauritian sega all around the world. "Lévé dansé", "Li tourné" and "O la hé" are some of his most popular songs. In fact, they are played on most occasions, including wedding receptions, birthday parties, etc. During his 27-year career, Alain Ramanisum had the opportunity to tour with many world-famous artists. He also won a gold award in France for the song "Li tourné".

Laura Beg

Laura Beg is not only Alain Ramanisum's wife but also a popular local artist. She sings not only modern sega but also seggae, reggae and zouk. She had the opportunity to perform not only on Reunion Island but also in Europe and Australia, both in solo and in duo with her better half. “Tik tiké”, “Savanne”, “Immensité l'amour”, “Inna dancehall time”, and “Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible” are some of her best songs.

Eric Triton

You may have heard of him abroad. Eric Triton is a famous virtuoso guitarist from Mauritius. With his penetrating voice, he makes a harmonious blend of different musical genres such as sega, blues and jazz. This helped him create his own style: sega-blues. During his career, Eric Triton has performed in several European countries, including France and Switzerland. “Blues dan mwa” and “Nation” are two of his most popular songs. He sings in French and Creole to promote unity and harmony.

Linzy Bacbotte

"Infinity" is the title of Linzy Bacbotte's brand new album, another famous Mauritian artist. She made her debut in 1987, during a musical competition by the MBC. She has come a long way since then, with several albums and flagship titles such as "Tangalay", "La rosée tombé", "Mo mari peser", "Guidi guidi", "Maman", and "L'amour en abondance ”. Linzy sings not only sega but also reggae, soul, and even opera. Her new album has been produced with the collaboration of Elijah, a singer from Seychelles. "Infinity" is a collection of 8 tracks, including solos and duets, mixing different musical genres, including dancehall and afrobeat.