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Hi good afternoon. I just want to ask a question. We are in process of our dependant pass, I already submiited the requirements for the visa with reference in the Malaysian embassy here in the Philippines and was advised that I can get it by next week March 2, 2018. My question is we will be travelling to Singapore on March 21, 2018 there is a note on the Mdec's approval letter that says: "Once the dependent is in Malaysia my husband's company will be required to call the Mdec to initiate the process  for the issuance and endorsement of the DEPENDENT PASS by the immigration department of Malaysia.". My question is do we need to do it first before travelling to Singapore from Malaysia? Do we need the issuance of dependent pass first before travelling to Malaysia?

Thank you for your response.

Not quite sure of your movements from the above. Are you intending to travel to Singapore before arriving in Malaysia? You do need to get a visa for Singapore in the normal way.

"Do we need the issuance of dependent pass first before travelling to Malaysia?""
The endorsement happens once you arrive in Malaysia (not before). You just need the VDR (Visa with Reference) to travel to Malaysia.

The VDR is Single Entry.

It sounds like you should consider travelling to Singapore on a normal visa on 21st March (with your VDR in your passport) and then enter Malaysia and get the DP endorsed without leaving the country.

I'm sorry my bad. Let's say we are already in Malaysia by March 17, 2018 and then we will be going to Singapore on March 21, 2018  just for 4 days. Do we need the endorsement for the dependent pass first before travelling to Singapore?

It takes 15-30 days to get the DP endorsed.

You wont have time before you leave for Singapore. That is why you should probably travel directly to Singapore then make your single entry into Malaysia

So it is ok to travel to Singapore with just the vdr on our passport then go back to Malaysia for the endorsement of dp?

You can't enter Malaysia, go to Singapore then "GO BACK" to Malaysia as it is SINGLE ENTRY VDR

Leaving Singapore will require you to show your VDR (plus probably some paperwork about it)

Single entry means ONLY ONE arrival in Malaysia BEFORE getting the DP endorsed. After endorsement of the DP you will have multiple entry entitlement - but not before.

So all in all we need the dp first,  hayst. Thank you so much.

The DP endorsement requires  you to submit your passport to immigration, so you can't travel during that time.

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