HCM, Hoi An or Da Nang


I've recently moved to HCM after living in Hai Phong and was wondering if anyone has experience living both here in HCM and in Hoi An or Da Nang?

Haven't been to either of the above places yet and would love to get an idea of what it's like to live there.


Hi Sorcha,

For work and career opportunities, HCMC would be the best. I lived in HCMC from 2011 - 2016, finally choosing Can Tho city as a way-out from the hustle-bustle Saigon :-)

It definitely was a great place to grow business; also opportunities for networking and further study.

I've traveled and stayed in Hoi An and Danang many times already. I really love the peaceful look/sense of Hoi An; and feel it nice with a (much) less busier Danang (compared to HCMC).

Since we are still at our working ages; seeking for opportunities to earn & save for traveling as well, I would choose HCMC if I were an expat. It's so convenient to fly in and out from Tan Son Nhat as well.

It's just my own experience and opinion though ;)

Hope you enjoy it there.



Thanks so much, this is really helpful!
S x

Hoi an is an absolute dump and the people are vile. Maybe better if you are not white

Da nang is nice.

HCMC sucks.

I'm about to go to haiphong, any advice?

Hai Phong wasn't for me.... it's too quiet and doesn't have a lot going on. Some of the locals I met there said you'll get bored quickly.

Saying that, those we met were lovely and it's so easy to get to Hanoi, Ha Long, Cat Ba and Ninh Binh from there!

Sorcha is correct; but it's strokes for folks.     :blink:

I like the ability to de-socialise and appreciate being able to do so
in Hai Phong, but hate swimming in mud, prefer the mountain areas
around Ha Noi and (love the infrastructure) therein  (etc)

So it's outer suburbs for me.  Cheap housing, solo when required but
within striking distance of the undisputed advantages and benefits(?)
of Western materialism.   But yeah, whatever floats yer boat.

I'm not completely asocial, but like to be able to close the door &
also avoid Expat. Exspurts...     :shy

Bazza139 :

swimming in mud

funny :P

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