Motorbike driving lesson

Hi all,
I recently arrived in Saigon to work and I found myself a bit stuck because I can't ride a motorbike yet.
I would like to know if someone would be willing to give me a hand with it or if there was any place I could learn.
Thanks a lot for your answers

Not trying to change your mind or anything, but we've been living here for almost a year (for me, on and off for longer than that) and we're doing very well without a motorbike.  Uber, Grab, taxi, and bus are wonderful modern and not-so-modern inventions, all of them quick, inexpensive, and pleasant in all temperature and weather.  Half a dozen bags of groceries *and* a convection oven?  No problem.  Damrey's coming?  What's of it?  CSGT?  Never an issue.

We're content not being tied to a machine that requires insurance, maintenance, and other related problems.

Ah, yes but aside from going to work, I also plan and wish to ride with my girlfriend ( after honing my skills which might be long).
Bus is less charming than the view of a sidesaddle woman, wind in her hair, the sun setting down, while cruising on crowded streets.

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