Honda Win 100 service manual???

Hello everyone,

Not sure if there is already a thread about this, but does anyone here know where I can get my hands on a Honda Win 100 service manual (hard copy or online)? I am having great difficulty searching online and was wondering are there any shops that might sell them?


This is the best I could come up with:

Win Workshop Manual - Indonesian Version

Bengkelsepedab Motor:  Win Info

Bengkelsepeda Motor:  FB Page

There may not be an English language version available.  Not really sure about a Vietnamese version either.

Thanks heaps Teacher Mark ;)

Yeah thats what I found as well.

Call Andrew at VIP Motorbikes

He's a fellow Aussie that's been here forever plus a day.  If anyone knows where to get one, it would be him.  He's in Hanoi, but still may be able to assist.

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