Transport in Kampala

Hi! I have just moved to Kampala and am looking at transport options to get to work in Naguru (I will be living in Kiwatule). Uber adds up after a while. Does anyone know if the pioneer easy bus runs on this route and how to recognise bus stops? Would prefer not to use a boda as seems quite dangerous.
Car pooling is also an option if anyone lives in that area and is interested!

Hi, about transport in the city. From Kiwatule, the Pioneer buses are there up to possibly Bukoto but do not get to Naguru. So it means from bukoto or kamwokya you may have to use a bodaboda because around that area it is the only alternative means other than a taxi (uber). Best option would be if you pool with someone with a car around Kiwatule really, there may be no other option.

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