bringing items from US

Hi!  My family of 6 is considering moving to Kampala from the US.  Can anyone offer knowledge on how to bring items from home.  Is it possible to send a crate or do we simply just fill the bags allotted to us on the airline and re-buy items once we are on the ground?  Any advice is appreciated!

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Kindly contact me at ssokwalla[at] and we will assist and advise you as i work for a clearing and forwarding firm in mombasa.

Hi darcypentzer

A lot depends on your purpose of visit to Uganda. If you and your family are coming in as visitors for a specified period, then it might be wiser to come in with just the luggage allotted to you on the airline. If you are coming for long stay, say work, and you wish to ship your stuff or bring in luggage more than that allotted by the airline, then you will be required to have the necessary documentation such as work permit in order for the Tax authority in Uganda to give you clearance to import your stuff.

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