Buying a it possible?

Hi all! I will be in Uganda for a few months working on a project. I will be there on a tourist visa though, not on a work visa.

I love exploring countries by motorcycle and have lots of experience doing this all over the world and wanted to do the same while I am in a small cheap 150cc motorcycle and use it to explore, then sell it before I leave. And it is important that it is registered in my name since I plan to cross some borders with it (into Rwanda and Kenya)

My concern is that I will not be able to register it in my name since I will be on a toursit visa. I have read that you need a tax ID to register a motorcycle.

Anyone know if it is possible to register a motorcycle without a tax ID? Or is it possible to get a tax ID if I am only on a tourist visa?

Many thanks for your help!

Hey there. ..i can help you out on that. Billy  in Kampala uganda. me  0789694626 incase you want to buy and register. Thanks

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