Driving license in Uganda

Hi all,

Can a foreigner take the driving test in Uganda?

What are the formalities to get a driver’s licence in Uganda?

Do you need special or extra documents being an expatriate?

How much does it cost?

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You can get driving license in Uganda with lots of formalities and bureaucracy and frequent flying (literally...on boda boda )to Face Technology.

You can exchange your country's permit with Uganda's but I suggest you get the new one to avoid double hassle of getting it back when you leave.

You can also find some agent who can do some running for you at little charge so you just have to go for photograph and collection of permit (you can also send someone to collect).

Hope this helps.

Thank you Pareshuganda for your help! ;)


Dear All,

Can any one let me know how to take drivers licence and what is the procedures, I am new to this place and is work permit required to obtain Drivers Licence here.

Yes , if you are a non Ugandan, you will need a work permit before you can be issued with a driving licence here.

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so I can exchange my European drivers licence for an Ugandan one without being Ugandan citizen or resident?

To transfer your country of residence driving permit to Ugandan - go to Face Technologies.
Their requirements are : be a resident or have a work permit, spouse / dependents passes qualify.
Your driving permit must be valid. (international driving permits do not apply)
Take copies of these with you

Complete some forms, pay URA fees and within a few days you will receive your Ugandan permit (valid for 2 years)
They do not retain your original permit
The renewal process is quicker

NB : be sure to indicate which licences you want i.e. motor car / motor cycle.
if you intend to tow a trailer - be certain to specify this. As a car with trailer licence is a difference licence category.

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