Adult immigrants learning French

Thinking of moving to Vannes in Morbihan early next year. My French - I have learnt the language 3 times and forgotten it 2 and half times!  Are there adult education courses in French in any of the cities in or around Vannes?

Hi, fact is that if you don't practice a foreign language almost daily, you forget it LOL. If you don't find courses locally, there is Babbel online. I find it excellent and very inexpensive. If you look online, they offer special deals to lower the price even more. You got to have the discipline to spend 30 minutes a day on it and your French will improve. Of course, don't just mingle with expats, join local "associations" and go hike, danse, serve meals to the poor, whatever you'd enjoy doing to meet local people and speak French. Best wishes to you.

You can go to la Mairie where you live. There are french courses for free.
On the other hand if you want to learn about french gastronomy and culture you can check

Thanks for that - the maire it is. Will also look at Babbel.

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